Friday, August 12, 2005

NY Times Speaks!!!

After weeks of silence regarding the Air America embezzlement scandal, the "old gray lady" the "paper of record" the end all be all of news sources has finally acknowledged the existence of the radio station's financial woes. Of course, it adds absolutely nothing knew to the story, and is a simple regurgitation of what the blogs and other news sources have been reporting. Not suprisingly, the Times even goes out of their way to dowdify an Al Franken quote to put a less negative spin on the whole situation.

Even after realizing the Time's incompetence and bias, I was still surpised that it took them so long to even mention or acknowledge the story. Especially when one considers that it took place in the Time's own backyard, and that the Time's was falling over itself to write stories on the station before, during and after its debut.

For anyone that has any doubts about liberal bias in the media, all you have to do is ask yourself, if Rush Limbaugh's Clear Channel station was involved in similar financial shenanigans, would the Times have sat on its hands the same way they did here? No chance.


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