Thursday, February 16, 2006

MSM hypocrisy? Never!

As Michelle Malkin explains, fear and hypocrisy are what motivate the Mainstream Media:

Watching the news in my hotel room before my speech, I just saw CNN air a few of the new, highly inflammatory Abu Ghraib photos now making the rounds.
No pixelation of the nude prisoners in the photos.
No disclaimers about paying respect to members of the US military who will be endangered by publication of the pics. The Washington Post used the opportunity to republish Abu Ghraib photos and video it obtained in April 2004.
Readers have been e-mailing all day the question the MSM needs to answer:
Why the Abu Ghraib photos, but not the Mohammed Cartoons?
We're listening...

Looking at pictures of the protests in the Muslim world, I have to ask if we have gone too far in our efforts to avoid offending Muslims, even moderate ones. I know there are patriotic American muslims, and I would hate for those people to feel threatened by our actions. However, modern Islam has bred a movement that is simply unacceptable. Even if fundamentalist Islam, or Islamofascism, or whatever it should be called, only composes a minority of the Islamic world, it is a minority that burns flags, buildings, and people. I question any religion or practice that allows that to become acceptable, as well as those who enable its entrenchment via inaction or appeasement.


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