Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Kennedy Legacy continues

No matter what you think about Ted Kennedy, he has enjoyed a Senate career of impressive longevity. I think it would take me too long to find it, but I am sure that he has done something good in all those years. His brothers John and Robert also had impressive careers before their premature deaths. Although it is quite possible that they would have descended into a Jimmy Carter-like state later in life, I doubt they would have attained the tinfoil hat status of RFK Jr.

He has written an article in Rolling Stone that defies comprehension, claiming Republicans stole the 2004 election. It is outright dishonest, as a cursory glance at his 'sources' demonstrates, and apparently it has been debunked in several places, including here and here.

You might recall that he also blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush. This chump is not dealing with a full deck.

6/5 Update, by no means a friendly place for the President, has a very thorough fisking of RFK's 'work.'


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