Saturday, September 30, 2006


I thought I'd point out a little message board exchange from the other day. I often go to Eric Snider's website. He wrote for the BYU paper when we were freshman and I've followed him ever since. He doesn't normally get into politics, but asked a political question on his blog about Keith Olbermann. Olbermann is an idiot masquerading as an erudite commentator. I responded to the post, as did a few others, and I thought the exchanges worthy of linkage.

The lefties who respond seem unlikely to be swayed by anything I might have said. Just the same, I'll never turn down a chance to speak the truth, especially about a guy like Olbermann. Chris Muir, who writes the Day by Day comic, had this to say about Olbermann the other day.

I concur. Fortunately Olbermann's ratings are pretty pathetic.


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