Monday, February 05, 2007

Cooling on Warming

The release of the UN report on Climate Change has brought forth a flurry of publicity, not all of it in favor of that report's conclusions. The central areas of contention:
  • There is no Global Warming- recent warming is evidence of normal climate cycles and is not true warming at all.
  • Global Warming is not man-made, but occurs naturally, as in the release of CO2 into the atmosphere through biological processes.
  • Global Warming is partially attributable to man, but man is not capable of reversing it owing to its cumulative effect and the added impact of natural biological processes.
  • Man is almost entirely responsible for Global Warming. We are heading for catastrophe, but much of the danger can be prevented via radical measures.

I've followed the debate pretty steadily, and I probably fall somewhere in the 2nd bullet point. I fail to be swayed by the arguments of Gore and his ilk.

This article provides reasons to doubt Global Warming orthodoxy. I'm low on time, so hopefully I'll be able to follow up more on this in a minute.


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