Thursday, October 07, 2004

C BS: The Truth Will Prevail, but after the election has a great analysis on CBS' adopted policy of not revealing the findings of their internal investigation regarding the forged memos until AFTER the election.

According to CBS president Les Moonves, "it should be done probably after the election is over so that it doesn't affect what's going on."

So, let's see: CBS airs phony documents intended to damage the Bush campaign. They don't care whether that affects the election. But, because the investigation will undoubtedly discuss collaboration between CBS News staffers and the Kerry campaign, well, that bad news can wait until after the election. It could be damaging to Kerry.

The fact that CBS would have the audacity to come out and actually say this is also troubling. We all know the bias exists, we didn't realize, however, how blatant and unabashed it would be. You would at leat think they would show us the respect of coming up with some boloney story of how the investigation would take months to finish or that it shouldn't be rushed so as to preserve its quality and reliability.

So when this does come out, it will be months from now, after the election, on the bottom of page 23, sandwiched between a story on Wisconsin gravel pits and Cardboard production.


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