Monday, November 08, 2004

Moore is Less

Did Michael Moore actually lose the election for the Dems? An editorial writer for UK's Daily Telegraph thinks so.

He writes:

Not since Moby Dick has a great white whale been so bloodily harpooned. It took a shocked Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 9/11, until yesterday to comment on the US election result. When he did, he made a lame joke, offering "reasons not to slit your own throat". But if John Kerry's strategists feel like slitting anyone's throat right now, it is Mr Moore's.

This was supposed to be the victory that the podgy sage of Flint, Michigan, delivered for the Democrats by winding up students into paroxysms of anti-Bush rage and propelling them into the polling booths. In the event, he achieved the first but not the second objective. The proportion of young voters did not increase on Tuesday. In the gleeful words of one anti-Moore website, "pot-smoking slackers are still pot-smoking slackers": they meant to vote Kerry but, like, couldn't get out of bed in time.

In 2000, Mr Moore's support for Ralph Nader helped lose Florida for Al Gore. This time, he boosted President Bush by outraging Middle America. Take a bow, Mike: you've done it again.

It's interesting to think that Moore might have cost Kerry the election in his zealous rage to get Bush out of the White House by any means. I'm not sure if that's what really happened but it is interesting nonetheless.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger DCDuck said...

Moore, and people like him cost the dems the election. Learn from a moderate...or...atleast try and look like a moderate...and dont take help from people like Dean and Moore.


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