Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Clinton's 20/20 Hindsight

Our beloved and impeached President, Bill Clinton, recently told reporters what he would have done if he knew Bin Laden was responsible for the USS Cole Attack while he was still in office:

"I desperately wish that I had been president when the FBI and CIA finally confirmed, officially, that bin Laden was responsible for the attack on the U.S.S. Cole," Clinton tells New York magazine this week. "Then we could have launched an attack on Afghanistan early." (ed.-ok, seriously, this remark doesn't even pass the smile test)
"I don’t know if it would have prevented 9/11," he added. "But it certainly would have complicated it.”
Despite his failure to launch such an attack, Clinton said he saw the danger posed by bin Laden much more clearly than did President Bush.
"I always thought that bin Laden was a bigger threat than the Bush administration did," he told New York magazine.

Of course, this is one steaming pile of B.S. The first reason is because the FBI and CIA did confirm that it was Bin Laden while he was in office. And lets not forget that Sudan had offerred Bin Laden on a silver platter to Clinton, who didn't want to take him (audio here). And even if Clinton had taken action, do we really believe he would have done anything decisive, especially after we pulled out of Somalia when the going got tough? I guess he could of fired off a couple of cruise missles on an Aspirin factory, the same night Monika Lewinsky was to return to the grand jury.

Two words folks, Able Danger.


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