Thursday, February 16, 2006


I'm sending this lone message out to whomever may get it. From what I can tell, there must be huge internet and power outages across the globe right now. For some reason, the major news and media organizations must be airing yesterday's reruns.

I say this because last night it was undoubtedly revealed that Saddam Hussein and Iraq did in fact have WMD, were lying to the UN inspectors about it and that they were pursuing nuclear capabilites.

Can you believe it? So Bush didn't lie afterall? So this war wasn't solely about oil, or profits?

I heard about this groundbreaking news last night, and all I found on the front pages this morning were pictures of Dick Cheney. I went online, to the WaPo and the Old Grey Senile Lady, and all I could find were front page articles on traffic safety and Guantanamo stuff.

Can it be that one of the greatest news stories this year is worth only a few hours of traction? Clearly that can't be the case. The only fathomable way that this story cannot be reverberating across the globe right now is that no one really believed that Iraq did not have WMD in the first place, so the news that Iraq did have it is not really news at all.

oh, I'm so confused. I just hope Al Gore can fix his invention in time to get the word out.


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