Saturday, June 24, 2006

Eco-terrorism Apologist

So I was reading in the Arizona Daily Wildcat (UofA's attempt at a newspaper) and saw a story about an "event" (read rally) against the governments classification of "environmental activism" as terrorism.

Some key quotes:
Members of the group are concerned that the government's use of words such as "eco-terrorism" to describe environmental actions to spread awareness are giving people the wrong idea about the group's intentions.
"Labeling people in action takes away the point they are making. You hear the word terrorist and you disregard what they stand for," said Wendy Van Leuveren, a women's studies junior.
Lee said environmentalists would prefer to use nonviolent actions to raise awareness, but many of these movements' activists think the matters are so pressing they require immediate action.
"As long as the FBI is arresting people in the community, and friends of ours, we will be reaching out to the community," said Jeff Davis, an organizer for "Resist the Green Scare."

So these terrorist and criminal apologists care about their friends who got caught in criminal acts "intended 'to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion.'"
But say these folks are your friends, and you don't want to be their friends anymore. How do you get on their bad side? Keep reading...

So I googled "resist the red scare" and found a gem of a website, listing charged or convicted ecoterrorists. In the "recent news" section I found this.

ELP Information Bulletin (4th of June 2006)

Dear friends

Based on information sent to us by some of the Oregon 16 defendants, as well as statements by lawyers close to the cases, and looking at the proceedings at the 2nd of June 2006 bail hearing for Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher, ELP is removing Chelsea Gerlach from our prisoner list. We are also withdrawing our support for Suzanne Savoie (who is currently on bail).

Chelsea Gerlach and Suzanne Savoie have both been named by some of their co-defendants, as well as by some of the lawyers, as cooperating with the authorities which has included making statements against others.

We have no yet confirmed the full extent of their cooperation with the
authorities (and there may be others who they have named), but we have confirmed that both Gerlach and Savoie have made statements against Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher.

ELP will naturally release more information about this as our investigation continues. In the meantime should anyone have any information about the full extent of Gerlach and Savoie's cooperation with the authorities, please contact ELP as soon as possible.

They stop being friends if you tattle.

Read a little about these terrorists.
This page gives a little description of their story/crime. I keep seeing the phrase "direct action." Wanna guess what they mean?

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! reading down, they list Ted Kaczynski. You know..the unabomber. You gotta be kidding me. I've joked about how lefty nutjobs might as well come out and join with the Islamist murderers since they are united in Anti-Americanism. These lefty nutjobs DID come out and support an anti-technology murderer, because he is an "Eco-Defence Prisoner."

Here's some of the real stories, without the euphemisms:


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