Monday, June 12, 2006

Romney Watch '08 - Part VI

Saturday's Wall Street Journal featured a new article about Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (subscribers only). It was an interesting look, though it did follow a familiar pattern to other stories we've covered at Right Wing Pundit (find some previous posts here, here, and here). How so? See below:
  • Romney is Mormon, and many other Christians don't understand how that would impact his politics.
  • Romney has not always followed the model of a conservative politician, with some of his public expressions evolving over time.
  • He was a successful businessman and is credited with saving the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • He has governed the state of Massachusetts, mostly as a fiscal conservative, and most would argue that he has done so very well. The new state health care plan is somewhat controversial.

I agree with this statement by Romney:

The great majority of Americans want a person of faith to be their leader.

Whether his personal faith becomes an issue remains to be seen.


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

Utahns are definitely putting their support and
behind him.


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