Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tre Arrow

Here's a spotlight on a nutcase.

Hello to everyone. I wish you all a blessed father's, grandfather's, great grandfather's, etc, day!! What a powerful time to be alive on this planet, eh? I would like to acknowledge this time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere as we approach the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, and the time when we are closest to our grandfather sun. The summer solstice is occuring on Wed June 21 at 10:26 a.m. pacific (West Coast of Turtle Isl.) time. Without grandfather sun we would not have all the bounty that earth mother provides to nourish and heal our bodies and spirits. I give great thanks! I also pray for all the brothers and sisters who are sundancing at this time. I send a blessing to all the beings in the southern hemisphere celebrating the winter solstice.
I would like to share these words with you, which was the original lords prayer:“Cosmic Birther, Earth Mother Father Heaven present within the universe. Clear out the old and make the Holy of Holies within me. Come into this Holy of Holies, the bedroom of our hearts, and prepare us for the marriage of power and beauty. Heaven meets Earth in acts of compassion. We are now clear and ready to act. We take responsibility for wise, compassionate action. Give us this day, nourishment and understanding. Embrace us wholly as we embrace others. Allow us to remember what's important so that we may hone oportunities and continue to bear the fruits of our love. From you is born all creativity, the song of creation that renews from age to age.”
The reason that I was moved to this unit and reclassified to P.C. [protective custody] is because I've had many problems trying to fit in to the G.P. [general population] lifestyle. I have been a target by many people because of the life that I follow. I eat raw plant food and not dead animals (eating dead animals is seen as something matcho). My long hair and lifestyle has resulted in me being labelled as a 'hippie'.
[ed. You're kidding! Really?!]

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