Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Which came first? The Axis or the Evil?

In other words, Which came first? The President's characterization of certain states as the Axis of Evil, or the evil acts that made the characterization true? Some are claiming that Iran's unwillingness to negotiate and North Korea's alleged nuclear test are a byproduct of Bush's use of that term. Michael Rubin responds on the National Review Online:

To condemn the Axis of Evil speech is to condemn Bush for prescience. He didn’t create the Axis of Evil; rather, he voiced the problem. And if that shocked European diplomats, well too bad. If it’s a choice between national security and enabling European diplomats to remain secure in their illusions, I’d hope both Republicans and Democrats would favor the former. Clinton administration attempts to engage the Taliban and the North Korean regime were folly. Any attempt to do likewise with Iran would be equally inane. Certain regimes cannot be appeased. Dialogue is no panacea.

Ignorance of that kind can't last forever- can it?


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