Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dems versus Free Speech

opinionjournal.com has some great insights on the Dems outcry against Sinclair Television deciding to air a documentary on Kerry's post war activities and their effects on POWs. Predictably, the Dems are outraged and trying to legally enjoin the stations from airing the film.

As well, it underscores the authoritarian nature of the political left when it comes to political speech. Liberals are quick to cry "censorship" when others merely criticize far-left or anti-American speech (remember the Dixie Chicks?), but they are eager to use the force of government to silence those with whom they disagree.

As an added point, I seem to recall the dems issuing ceast and desist letters to television stations that were airing the swiftboat ads as well.

national review has an interesting article on the Sundance Channel who has decided to run an enourmous amount of anti-Bush propaganda.

By the time the polls close on Nov. 2, the Sundance Channel will have consigned roughly 35 hours of programming to films attacking President Bush and other Republicans. Meanwhile, it's also televising the Al Franken radio show three times every weekday. In toto, Sundance will devote 81 hours over a 22 1/2-day period, or fully 15 percent of its airtime, to decidedly anti-Bush programming.

Predictably, the Sundance Channel won't get nearly as much coverage as the Sinclair decision to air one anti-kerry film.


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