Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Camp Casey"

Ok folks, this Cindy Sheehan thing has gone way too far. It's like watching a train wreck, horrified at the twisted metal and strewn bodies, but yet, unable to turn away.

Seriously folks, if people like this start showing up to support you, doesn't a flashing light start going off in your head? As much as I love the stench, I mean company, of a group of retarded hippy rejects, it is a bit much. (the rolled up dooby and desecretated american flag with missles on it ads a nice touch though)

This picture pretty much sums up the left doesn't it? The sad thing is, this is the best thing the left has going for them. This is their only hope. Why else would Ariana Huffington feature the Sheehan Circus as a front page story for the past week and a half. They got nothing on Roberts, Able Danger is incriminatig the Clinton administration, and Air America is going down in flames.

The whole situation is quite sad. Expect Sheehan to be invited to the 2008 DNC convention and be seated between Jimmy Carter and Michael Moore, oh and don't forget Joe Wilson won't be far as well.


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