Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Media’s War Against the War

This is the best summary and opinion piece that I've seen on the NYCrimes and their revealing National Security Secrets (solely for their own personal gain. Well mostly...their claims at outing the SWIFT program for the "public interest" are only true if you consider the Dems/Libs interest of publicly trying to humiliate the Administration.)
Some points:
-it's a perfectly legal program
-does not involve domestic tracking
-the correct members of congress have been breifed
-it has directly led to the capture of terrorists
-it is directly responsible for the strangulation of terrorists funding


Appealing to the patriotism of these newspapers proved about as promising as appealing to the humanity of the terrorists they so insouciantly edify — the same monsters who, as we saw again only a few days ago with the torture murder
of two American soldiers, continue to define depravity down.


The blunt reality here is that there is a war against the war. It is the jihad of privacy fetishists whose self-absorption knows no bounds. Pleas rooted in the well-being of our community hold no sway.

And here's video of a press conference with some flat-out idiot journalists.
It's disgusting. (No, she is pretty scary, but I was talking about the suicidal indifference to danger exhibited by journalists in the cities most likely to be targeted by terrorists)


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